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Code of conduct

While conducting activities related to my work for Milmag, I will not
offer or receive bribes, gifts, services, nor will I take part in any
corrupt activities.

My previous or current situation does not produce any undisclosed
conflicts of interest. Any such conflict will be disclosed by me

I`m not related to any government official person, nor am I government
official myself.

I agree that while carrying out assignments for Milmag I have to abide
by US/UN/UE and other international export/import regulations.

While working for Milmag I will conduct myself in a fair manner towards
anyone that I come in contact with as a part of my duties.

I will not use my inside knowledge and proprietary information to
financially benefit myself or others.

I will respect intellectual property rights.

I will conduct my activities as Milmag`s representative in compliance
with all and every relevant law and regulations while maintaining
integrity and ethical standards.

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